Nouryon is an acknowledged world leader in the ethylene amines industry.

This leading position has been achieved through strong and long-term commitment to our customers and their needs, and from a dedication to the highest levels of research, know-how, process plant design and quality control.

Our products are key building blocks for the manufacture of agro chemicals, chelating agents, detergents, paints, adhesives, lubricating oil additives, fuel additives, asphalt additives and cutting fluids to cosmetics, tissue paper, soaps, spandex,fabric softeners, pharmaceuticals and more. We serve our customers all over the world through our dedicated sales, operations planning, production and logistics.

Our center of operations is located in Stenungsund, Sweden. We operate two production plants - one in Stenungsund, Sweden, and one in Ningbo, China.

Milestones in the history of Ethylene Amines

The chemical company Berol is founded in Södertälje, Sweden.

A new MEA production process is patented by Berol Kemi AB.

Start-up of the Amines plant in Stenungsund.

Akzo and Nobel Industries merge to form Akzo Nobel.

Akzo Nobel decides to invest in a world-scale plant to produce ethanol- and ethylene amines in China.

Our ethanolamines and ethylene amines plant in Ningbo, China is opened.

Production site in Stenungsund, Sweden
Production site in Ningbo, China