Ethylene amines are used to produce epoxy resins that play a vital role in the coatings and adhesives industries. In coatings area, it prevents corrosion of the marine and steel frameworks. In the adhesive area, it can adhere ("glue") metal, wood, glass, plastic.These resins are also found in the composite material area where it is one of the most important engineering resins for cars, aircrafts and wind turbine blades.
The epoxy resin gets its desired performance after being cured. In this important step ethylene amines are used. A "hardener", either using ethylene amines directly or indirectly, as curing aid of the epoxy resin.

This process changes the form of the epoxy resin from liquid to solid, enabling the epoxy resin to get its strong mechanical properties and add specific performance like for example chemical resistance. Almost all ethylene amines can be applied in the epoxy curing agent applications. EDA (ethylenediamine), DETA (diethylenetriamine), TETA (trietylenetetramine), TEPA (triethylenepentamine), AEP (aminoethylpiperazine), AEEA (aminoethylethanolamine) and XA-70.