Spandex is a synthetic fibre known for its exceptional elasticity and durability. EDA (ethylenediamine) is a vital part of making the fibre strong yet flexible. Spandex plays an important role in the fabric industry. Spandex is widely applied in clothing, especially in the sports apparel such as swimsuit, bicycle shorts and other tight garments where flexibility and strength is needed, and also in everyday products from socks to safety belts. Nouryon Ethylene Amines is a key supplier to the Spandex industry with our EDA. EDA acts as a chain extender in the spandex manufacturing reaction and "holds" the rigid segment and soft segment in Spandex. This enables the specific properties of spandex – strength and durability!

AEEA (aminoethylethanolamine) and DETA (diethylenetriamine) are two more products from the Ethylene Amines portfolio which we supply to the textile industry. A soft sweater or fluffy towel are made of rough cotton or chemical fibers. The fabric needs pre-treatment or after-treatment and this is where fabric softeners are applied.